As the past decade has demonstrated–not to mention every decade before that–real estate can and does fluctuate between being extremely volatile assets and reasonably safe long-term investments.

With the housing market gingerly recovering and strengthening, real estate transactions other than foreclosures and short sales have steadily picked up over the past few years.  Although lending standards have tightened considerably, owning a home is still considered a rite of passage for most Americans.

However, real estate law relates to more than just home ownership. It includes renting and leasing property (both residential and commercial), holding property as an investment, and issues such as zoning, easements, and licenses.  Moreover, it includes conveying property, mortgages, and the various rights and responsibilities that come with owning or possessing property.

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The firm provides the following real estate law services:

Owning real estate is only one major benefit of property law; another is the owner's ability to do what he wants with the land.

It's pretty remarkable when you think about it.  It's even more remarkable when considering the many different ways to transfer title to property and their potential limitations.

HLO offers various real estate services to its clients, including the preparation and execution of letters of intent, deeds, contracts for deed, and purchase agreements, as well as recording and filing necessary documents.

Any property owner should be particularly careful whenever buying and selling real estate, or even building or improving on it.

Significant issues can arise during these often-lengthy processes and the parties may have little control over it.  Perhaps the purchase agreement isn't being complied with, or you have serious doubts that construction will be completed by the deadline or that it will be done to the level of quality you expected or were promised.  These are important concerns that should be confronted and not ignored before they can't be remedied.

HLO can prepare and review purchase agreements and construction contracts so that your rights are protected.

Individuals and businesses alike rely heavily on property leasing.

A residential tenant and landlord may have different expectations and experiences compared to a commercial landlord and tenant, but neither group is less important than the other.  Leasing property, however, can be extremely complex: besides determining who (landlord or tenant) will be responsible for what obligations and managing their risk and liability, the lease and the property must comply with all the applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

HLO can negotiate, prepare, and review residential and commercial leases as well as review statutory and regulatory compliance, along with providing other related services.