Dealing with divorce and child support/custody issues can be unbelievably stressful for the parties, as well as their children and relatives.

Getting a divorce is rarely as simple as filing paperwork with the court--there are often joint bank accounts to deal with, along with real estate, furniture, and debts, and that's not even considering the many other issues that need to be addressed if children are involved (such as custody, support, visitation, etc.). It's generally better for the parties when they can come to an agreement on what to do, but if negotiations break down, it may be necessary to go to court to protect your rights.

If you find yourself in need of a family law attorney, make sure that your lawyer will work closely with you to help you accomplish a satisfactory result.

The firm provides the following family law services:

Few things are more stressful or emotionally-driven than a divorce or child custody dispute.

But it's times like these that a person needs an objective yet caring legal advisor to help them through the process, a skilled attorney who will work diligently to achieve a satisfactory result for his client.

HLO provides both negotiation and litigation services and can prepare and file proposed orders, petitions, and related documents.

Family law matters rarely end when the judge issues her order.

Especially where children are involved, the court may have jurisdiction over the case for several years.  If the parties' circumstances change—such as losing a job, returning to school, or moving—the court's decision could potentially be modified to reflect the change.  Without an order seeking modification by a party, it's very unlikely to happen and can harm the party's legal interests.  Additionally, in the event a court order is not being complied with, the court can compel the opposing party to obey its order.

HLO offers legal services regarding these issues and can prepare and file necessary documents.