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So What’s the Deal with Deeds?

If you’ve ever bought or sold real estate (or even thought about it), you’ve probably heard the word “deed” thrown around. Maybe you’ve heard about particular varieties of deeds: warranty deeds, statutory deeds, quitclaim deeds, etc. But how are they different, and which type of deed should you expect in your next (or first) real estate…


Corporate Formation and Why You Need a Lawyer

I’ve mentioned repeatedly, both on this website and through social media, that having a lawyer form your business is very valuable. You might be wondering why, especially since the Secretary of State only requires a few pieces of information to form an LLC or corporation. Speaking literally, it’s not difficult to form a company: you…


California’s New Leave Law Goes Into Effect This Year

July 1st will be an exciting day for employees in California. Under the state’s recently-adopted Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act, once they’ve spent 30 days with the company, employees will be entitled to one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked. The employee can begin using their accrued time after 90 days, and may…

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Mediation: Settle Disputes, Don’t Burn Bridges

You’ve probably heard of mediation before or at least of its more “permanent” cousin, arbitration. Whether it’s used in labor disputes, professional sports, or everything in between, these words are thrown around a lot. Arbitration and mediation are lumped together, along with others, into the term “alternative dispute resolution,” or ADR. (The normal dispute resolution mechanism…