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Four Things to Consider Before Entering Into a Lease

Congratulations, you’ve made it beyond the “home-based business” stage and are now looking for commercial property. Maybe you’re planning to rent a large storefront to sell your goods, maybe you’re renting an office to consult with current and prospective customers. Regardless of your actual business purpose, here are four terms you should recognize and understand to get the most out of…

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Citation: Regolazione Etica e Società (Italian)

For the second time in as many years, my LL.M. thesis—on the recently-enacted Dodd-Frank Act and the history of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis—has been cited by academics in Italy. This latest citation comes in the inaugural issue of I Quaderni di RES (“The Notebooks of RES,” ISBN: 9788894036404), an open-source eBook series by the Center of…


The Trademark Process: A Walkthrough

There’s a reason why hiring a lawyer is smart when it comes to protecting your intellectual property. You might think getting a trademark issued is nothing more than filling out a form and waiting for the government to play catch-up. Unfortunately for small businesses and entrepreneurs trying to save money, that’s rarely the end of…