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“Frankenstein” Contracts: A Cautionary Tale

A few years ago, a small business owner contacted me about reviewing a contract he’d planned to use. I was under the impression it had been drafted by another lawyer some years ago and he just wanted me to double-check it.  (To make sure it said what he intended, that nothing important or necessary was missing, etc. …


Does AT&T Stand For “Acts Tricky & Throttles”?

Have you ever been surfing the internet on your phone and felt it was taking usually long to reach a website, stream a video, or send a message?  If you’re an AT&T subscriber, the Federal Trade Commission says it might not be due to an overly-burdened network. The FTC, the federal agency largely responsible for protecting consumers from deceptive business…


The Law Is No Laughing Matter. (Except When It Is.)

When most people think of judges, the first thought to cross their minds is probably not “great sense of humor.”  The stereotypical judge–at least according to television and movies–is an older, no-nonsense person who would sooner throw you in jail than crack a smile, so it’s not surprising that non-lawyers generally avoid reading court decisions because they…