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HLO offers competitive rates, provides many different options for payment, and will work with clients to make our legal services affordable. In addition, HLO provides an free initial consultation for potential clients to help them determine their options.

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You aren't just a case file or an invoice number at Hoffman Law Office.  HLO works closely with its clients in an effort to provide valuable, responsive legal advice and help them accomplish their goals.

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Biometric Technology and Its Effect on Privacy

Biometric Technology and Its Effect on Privacy

by Stephen Hoffman  Comments (0)
Yesterday, I was excited to learn that my article on biometrics was cited in a book released earlier this week titled Genetic Discrimination: Transatlantic Perspectives on the Case for a European-Level Legal Response.  Since I’ve recently been interviewed about how biometrics...
Mechanic’s Liens Aren’t Just For Mechanics

Mechanic’s Liens Aren’t Just For Mechanics

by Stephen Hoffman  Comments (0)
Construction firms, physical laborers, and other service-based businesses share the same basic, unspoken desire as inventory-based businesses: to get paid for the value their customers receive. If your company provides services which increase the value of your client’s property (whether...

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    Compiled bibliography by Rutgers Computer and Technology Law Journal (2011), which lists two of Mr. Hoffman's articles